A strong dose of Facebook misogyny to start my day

Recently, Facebook changed the feed layouts viewable on the home page. Now, actions such joining groups or making friends are all visible on the live feed. This morning, when I logged it and viewed my live feed, I was appalled at one of my friend’s group announcements:

[Friend] has joined the group I Hate Stupid Bitches

Pardon me while my jaw drops

Out of a sense of morbid curiosity, I went to the page and was greeted with this:

I Hate Stupid Bitches fan page

"This page is for whoever hates stupid bitches who start shit for no reason or act like little cunts."

And, if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s always the “Discussions” section:

"Men dat act like dey da bytch" "regarding bitches" "DRAMA CAUSING STUPID BITCHES" "dumb sluts" ... you get the idea

Again, pardon me while my jaw drops

I didn’t have the fortitude to click through and read any of these threads. I’d seen plenty, though, and reported the page.


2 Responses to “A strong dose of Facebook misogyny to start my day”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Damn. Hope you unfriended that “friend.”

  2. Samia Says:

    That’s terrible, and what’s worse is that stuff like this is all over Facebook. Sites like YouTube are even worse!. People really think this is all harmless fun. Facebook is teaching me more about some of my “friends” than I really wanted to know. 😦

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